Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Massive Pecs Chest Sculpting Workout for Men

What guy doesn’t want to be proud of taking his shirt off to reveal a well defined and sculpted chest? This workout is just for guys who want to turn heads with a chiseled chest. It focuses on developing strength while adding lean muscle mass via the super set method. Get ready to go up a shirt size.


Complete the included Warm-up & Dynamic Stretches before beginning the workout in order to raise your heart rate, prepare your muscles and joints for the exercises to follow and prevent injury.
If you are a beginner, complete the recommended sets and repetitions, taking a 60 to 90-second break between exercises. Perform the workout 2 to 3 times per week.
If you are more advanced, increase the sets to 4 to 6, keeping the repetitions the same. For an added challenge, superset your exercises. Perform two exercises one after another with no break until the second exercise is complete. Take a normal break then begin the next superset.
Follow each workout with the included Post-Workout Stretches to kick start recovery, maximize results and help prevent injury.

Included exercises:

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  1. Challenge accepted! Thank you for the material, though I would think working out 3-4 times a week would be more sufficient to get quicker results. I know the body needs to relax, though having a good diet plan and going beyond the routine like you mentioned for advance workout is something I want to shoot for.